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This hull was straight out of the mould and has a step so had to be sanded back..


A gelcoat filler was applied to get the shape back..


After the shape, a gelcoat is applied ready to sand back...


After the sanding, buffing has started, and the join has dissapeared.


During the final polish!

Boat Repairs/Polishing

At Essex GRP we specialise in polishing and repairing boat exteriors....from buffing and polishing to fixing repairs, we can bring your boat back to looking like its best.

We offer a colour matching service to any gelcoat, leaving you with the best quality repairs, and a supply of gelcoat to keep for any future work that might be needed.

All boats are individual, so pricing is individual also. We would usually visit your boat to asses and discuss your requirements and come back to you with a quotation.

Please see below an example of our work on a large repair, step by step....

To arrange for a site visit and/or a free quotation please contact us via email or telephone....

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