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GRP Flat Roof

Leaky garage roof?...Maybe your existing extension roof needs replacing?, Or maybe you new build has a flat roof?

There are so many advantages to a GRP flat roof, as opposed to felt, It is so much more hard wearing, it wont tear or rip, The roof will last longer, it is impact resistant, and super water tight.  In addition, the process of using GRP on a flat roof is far safer than bitumen felt products as there is no fire used, it is an entirely "cold" process, thus giving you peace of mind. Below is a sideshow of a complete roof rebuild carried out by us in Brentwood.

This was a totally bespoke roof needing a new frame,we worked with the customer to achieve exactly what they required.

When it comes to choosing a material for a roof there really is no comparison with felt, fibreglass is simply a better product, available in almost any colour finish, and comparable in price.

Another example of a roof replacement in Norfolk finished in anthracite grey....

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